Restore an iomega / lenovo storcenter ix2 -ng


How to restore a dead iomega / lenovo storcenter version ix2-ng this is the version that comes with its own drives and only 1mb of online storage

Since this device comes with its own drives the company decided to install the system on those hard drives instead of on board and when ever those drives die the system is gone.

Follow theses step to recover the system to other drives or to the same ones if the system has completely crashed.

files to download:

Zip with all files: AllFilesZipped


steps for recovery:

  1. format usb to fat
  2. Run h4c-  (make sure you overwrite the right drive)
  3. unzip and add to emctools folder in the newly created usb.
  4. disconnect the lan and power cables
  5. plug in the usb
  6. while holding the RESET button plug in the power adapter and hold it for about a minute.
  7. when the led on the usb  starts flashing, showing that the system is reading the USB-disk, release the reset button
  8. the read / write should take about 5 min and the device should automatically shut off
  9. plug in the lan port and turn on the machine
  10. the white light should run for a minute and then the blue and white lights should blink
  11. finally the white light should be steady
  12. use a browser to visit its ip (use ipscan24 to find its address easily)
  13. Log in to the network storage device and navigate to the management console.
  14. Click on the System icon, then click on Software Updates.
  15. In the Add Software popup box, click Browse… and select the ix2-ng- file.
  16. Click on Upload and allow the file to upload to your device.(it will take around two minutes)
  17. When the update is uploaded to the network storage device, the Status column will say Ready to apply.
  18. Click Apply all pending updates to apply the update or updates process takes about 3 minutes
  19. Open the Software Updates feature and click Check for Updates to update your existing applications. to see if there are any new updates