Upgrade VX610W ONDA Tablet to Android 4 ICS


  1. LiveSuite version1.0.7 with android 4.0.3 firmware
  2. Charge the tablet to at least 50%

These are the steps I took:

  1. Extract the liveSuite and firmware into a folder on the desktop
  2. Double click the LiveSuitePack
  3. Click yes to install driver anyways
  4. In the folder run LiveSuite
  5. Click no
  6. Click orange box on top left
  7. Select the android image from the folder on the desktop
  8. Unplug and shut down tablet
  9. Hold the menu button (the middle key) and plug in the usb cable at the same time
  10. Click yes to the popup on the computer
  11. let go of the menu button and wait two minutes for the tablet to reboot

To change the language to English

  1. on the home screen of the device click the 6 squares icon on the top right
  2. Click the settings icon (it looks like sliders with circles)
  3. Scroll until you see an icon with the letter A
  4. Select the top choice
  5. Change to English

Enjoy your updated tablet

Customize HP Touchpad with Preware

This is the easiest way to add functional uses to you HP Touchpad


  1. WebOSQuickInstall
  2. Java 1.6
  3. An internet connection

This is very easy

  1. Turn on your Touchpad
  2. Enter the following in the “just type” search bar upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart
  3. Tap the “Developer Mode” icon that appears.
  4.  Turn on the “on/off” slider in the top right corner
  5. Leave the “developer mode password” field blank. Tap “Submit”.
  6. Install Java
  7. Run the WebOSQuickInstall
  8. Install the Novocom Driver (This installs automatically over the internet)
  9. Plug in the Touchpad to the Computer
  10. Click the globe icon on the right side (the one with the blue and red arrows)
  11. When the sync is done, search for Preware
  12. click install

Thats it, Preware is installed on the Touchpad

There are many more customizations you can install and play with, both in the Preware application and in the WebOSQuickInstall, enjoy.