Hack the Makita LXT charger – model DC18RA to run on 240 volts


  1. A Makita charger model DC18RA T
  2. A soldering iron
  3. Solder
  4. A desolder pump
  5. Capacitor 470µF 400V (Max. diameter of 30mm)
  6. Capacitor 22µF 400V (Max. diameter of 13mm)
  7. Varistor 14D361K

These are the steps I took

  1. Open the charger by removing the four screws on the bottom
  2. Disconnect the wire attachments on the left side of the board
  3. Remove the board and place it upside down
  4. Remove and replace the large 1000µF 200V capacitor with the 470µF 400V capacitor
  5. Remove and replace the small 22µF 200V capacitor with the 22µF 400V capacitor
  6. Remove and replace the Varistor with the Varistor 14D361K (it is located next to where the electric cable is and is wrapped with shrink wrap)
  7. put it back together and enjoy the charger with out an adapter brick

I used the guide located here (I just wrote down here what I did and my charger works well)